CEE-PILOT™ Robotic Navigation Module

Simplified User Interface

Even more important that laser straight survey lines, the CEE-PILOT™ navigation system offers a simple user interface. There is no requirement for proprietary software or additional shore to USV radios; all of the mission planning is undertaken within the Eye4Software Hydromagic hydrographic acquisition software running on the shore PC. Survey lines or waypoints are constructed in Hydromagic or imported as a DXF file, then loaded to the autopilot over the existing datalink.

Laser Straight Lines for Maximum Survey Quality

Having straight, equally-spaced and easily repeatable survey lines may add substantial quality to the overall survey product, in addition to obvious benefits in presentation. TIN modeling is more accurate, slopes are better identified, and irregular survey coverage is avoided.

Professional Grade Autonomy Hardware and Algorithms

Industry-leading, professional quality marine autonomous navigation components and programming from the offshore market are brought to the small electric boat sector by Dynautics Ltd. Working with CEE HydroSystems and leading hydrographic software developers at Eye4Software, the CEE-PILOT™ realizes the astonishing line-following performance that can be attained with a truly professional-grade system.