Next Generation GNSS pole-mounted survey echo sounder.


Spectacular Surveys with the CEE-PILOT™ USV Navigation Upgrade

Developed in partnership with marine autonomy experts Dynautics Ltd, the new CEE-PILOT™ navigation module creates stunning single beam bathymetry images with laser-straight lines. The key design criteria was total integration and absolute simplicity. The CEE-PILOT™ is designed with one thing in mind – to minimize all added complexity; the surveyor only needs to select manual or automatic on the controller. No on-board PC, no extra comms links, and no special software. LEARN MORE.

Remotely-Operated CEE-USV™ on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System

For pipeline river crossing “depth of burial” hydrographic surveys along the 800 mile length of the crude oil pipeline linking production on the Alaskan North Slope to the tanker port of Valdez, the introduction of the CEE-USV™ brought improvements in survey data quality, a reduction in mobilization and survey time. Using the RTK CEESCOPE-LITE™ on board and Hydromagic software on the shore, engineers will collect accurate bathymetry around the crossing to ensure the pipeline remains safely buried. Read the new case history HERE.

New CEESCOPE-R™ With SBG Systems Ellipse2-E MRU and WiFi.

For personal watercraft (Jet Ski) survey applications, the new CEESCOPE-R™ adds a direct MRU interface for inertial motion sensors such as the SBG Systems Ellipse2-E, and a high power WiFi “Access Point” for wireless data acquisition. The ultimate simplified solution for small craft – the RTK CEESCOPE-R™ and a WiFi enabled waterproof tablet PC. LEARN MORE.


USV – Underwater Action.

Jet Ski Mapping the Surf Zone.

Can You Mobilize Like This?

CEE HydroSystems are a manufacturer of high quality hydrographic survey single beam echo sounders, with a focus on shallow water surveying from small boats or personal watercraft. CEE HydroSystems offer products aimed to streamline the survey process and offer the simplest, easiest, and fastest way to get the job done. By selecting only the highest performing, top quality modern electronics components, CEE HydroSystems’ echo sounders lead the industry in specifications achievable in a compact and portable package. Now available with precise built in RTK GNSS and UHF radio modem, dual frequency 24 or 33 / 200 kHz operation, internal data logging and rechargeable battery power, 20 Hz sample rate with full water column echo envelope output, the latest generation CEESCOPE™ single beam echo sounder represents the ultimate “one box” hydrographic survey solution available. Also offering a range of single beam echo sounders, a high quality radar probe tide gauge, turnkey personal watercraft surf-zone survey system, and the ability to provide custom solutions for survey challenges CEE HydroSystems are the hydrographic survey experts for the shallow water environment. The newest CEE product is the CEE-USV™ “next generation” unmanned survey vehicle for shallow water bathymetry surveys. Offering exceptional usability and minimum complexity for the operator, this new system leads the way in transforming drone survey boats from science projects to survey tools. With offices in Sydney, Australia and San Diego, USA contact us to discuss your survey requirements. We are ready to help with echo sounder solutions for your river, lake, pond, reservoir, estuary, surf-zone, or coastal ocean bathymetry survey challenges.

Innovative Echo Sounders for Shallow Water Hydrographic Survey Bathymetry