The complete data solution for USVs.

CEESCOPE-USV™ is a unique single or dual frequency hydrographic surveying system with GNSS positioning, echo sounding, data recording, and data telemetry in a single compact package for use on remotely-operated or autonomous survey boats.






USV (remote) echo sounder module




Shore (base) telemetry module


CEESCOPE-USV™ is a complete single beam hydrographic survey, GNSS and data radio telemetry package that can be installed on practically any Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) or remote controlled survey boat. As a self-contained system requiring no data interface with the vehicle, USV instrument integration challenges are completely eliminated, and the vehicle design requirements can be simplified, lowering the total system cost. Using real time broadband radio telemetry, the USV operator on shore can view all bathymetry data via the CEE LINK™ radio module, including third party data such as video and side scan imagery.

CEESCOPE-USV™ can form the backbone of a remote hydrographic survey capability, with the reassurance that all of the components have already been tested and successfully used on USVs for several years. With rigorous handling of data timing and long range transmission with no interference issues, the echo sounder may be deployed on any vessel – from a surf board to a catamaran raft to a high power monohull.

CEESCOPE-USV™ may be used interchangeably on a remote vehicle or manned boat. Simply connect the acquisition PC to the CEESCOPE-USV™ directly by LAN cable or WiFi and perform traditional bathymetric surveys. For use on a USV, instead connect the acquisition PC to the CEE LINK™ shore radio module that automatically receives data from the CEESCOPE-USV™ installed on the remote survey vehicle.








ON USV:  CEESCOPE-USV™ echo sounder:

– Dual channel echo sounder

– Built in GNSS receiver

– On board data logging

– Internal battery

– Long range WiFi telemetry

– External input for third party data (e.g. camera)







ON SHORE: CEE LINK™ WiFi Telemetry Module

– WiFi link to CEESCOPE-USV™

– 10 hr+ internal rechargeable battery

– Battery life indicator

– Ethernet output to hydrographic software

– Several antenna options

– Waterproof


CEESCOPE-USV™ offers the same exceptional shallow water performance as the CEE ECHO™ and CEESCOPE™ echo sounders. With bottom tracking in as little as 15 cm (6″) of water, the system is ideal for inshore USV surveys in rivers and ponds where a high proportion of the survey area may be too shallow for a manned boat. In addition, the CEESCOPE-USV™ records and transmits a water column echogram to the acquisition PC, offering detailed surveys with accurate results even in challenging environments.


Since 2011, CEE HydroSystems has been supplying compact echo sounders for USV deployment and manufacturers of remote survey boats have used CEE single beam sonars as standard factory options. Our experience has led us to better understand the requirements for successful hydrographic surveying with a USV, and we have developed a unique ability to offer single beam solutions tailored for USV surveys.

We learned that mobilizing and setting up a USV with its various instruments and telemetry components might represent a significant portion of the total survey duration, and the overwhelming majority of the frustration. By putting all of the constituent parts (bathymetry, GNSS position, data multiplexing, and telemetry) into a single component: the CEESCOPE-USV™, many of the integration problems disappear. Simply turn on the CEESCOPE-USV™ echo sounder and survey data start being recorded; as soon as the CEE LINK™ shore radio module is powered-up and within range, data streams to the shore. Simply connect a data acquisition PC to start collecting data.  The CEESCOPE-USV™ critical success factors for USV design and operation include:

Easy to operate.

The USV should be a survey tool and not a science project.

Easy to integrate external GNSS.

The CEESCOPE-USV™ will take in external position data with practically no changes in setup needed.

High quality shallow water bathymetry data – critical for USV operation.

The 200 kHz CEESCOPE-USV™ is able to maintain accurate bottom tracking in <15 cm (6″) water depth.

No latency.

The CEESCOPE-USV™ uses 1PPS GNSS time tags on all data collected, eliminating detrimental effects from radio transmission.

Field serviceable.

The CEESCOPE-USV­™ design allows a greater safety factor for critical components, such as radio modules.




Inception Class USV

UK-based Belisima decided to use the CEESCOPE-USV™ for their single beam remotely-operated survey boat to avoid the need to manufacture an OEM radio telemetry system, and to provide an easy-to-use interface for their customers. The Inception vehicle design allows direct access to the echo sounder / data module allowing users to easily switch the payload between vessels. Inception is designed to carry single beam and multibeam echo sounders, and is fabricated entirely from Aluminum with robust field-exchangeable dual motors offering survey-grade ruggedness and durability.

Inception Application Note – Adrenaline Quarry Survey

Learn more about the Inception and the CEESCOPE-USV™ in action surveying a lake at a former quarry site, now used for adventure activities. With no slipway or boat ramp, using a USV was the ideal method to survey the small site in the shortest possible time.

Inception Application Note – Bullhouse Industrial Water Survey

Measuring sediment accumulation and water volumes in industrial holding ponds, tailings impoundments and effluent lagoons are ideal tasks for USV bathymetric systems such as the Inception. With no means to launch a manned boat into the pond but easy access for a portable USV, surveyors were able to get the job done safely and efficiently with minimal mobilization time.




Customized Teledyne USV with Trimble RTK GNSS 

CEE HydroSystems USA has delivered specially modified Teledyne USVs that incorporate the CEESCOPE-USV™ in place of the factory (separate) echo sounder, GPS, and telemetry options. Instead of the various discrete components with their associated interconnections and communications settings, the CEESCOPE-USV™ puts everything in one portable, waterproof, and rugged enclosure for the ultimate single beam solution for this vehicle. Dual channel echo sounder, RTK GNSS receiver, UHF radio, data logger, data telemetry radio and external network data input: all in a single control unit.

For a high payload-capable USV to conduct dual frequency single beam surveys, CEE HydroSystems USA supplied the CEESCOPE-USV™ fitted into the Teledyne Q-Boat “shell”.




High power WiFi telemetry. 1000m range.

Ethernet data / camera input for USV navigation.


Internal battery.

save b

Internal data logger for standalone operation.


Waterproof case for ultimate ruggedness.

display b

LCD touch screen for exceptional ease of use.


Integrated GNSS receiver.

echo sounder b

20 Hz ping rate for high quality survey results.


3200 samples high definition echogram.

play b new

Dual frequency capable.

dat&time b

Precise 1PPS time-tagged data.

A key feature of the CEESCOPE-USV™ is its integrated data management and telemetry package that operates entirely separately from the remotely operated vehicle on which it is installed. The CEESCOPE-USV™ echo sounder is paired with one (or more) CEE LINK™ shore radio modules to allow the operator to communicate with the echo sounder and any connected instruments. Simply turn on the CEE LINK™ and communication is immediately established with the CEESCOPE-USV™ on the remote survey boat.


The CEESCOPE-USV™ uses a 5.8 GHZ WiFi telemetry system to transmit survey data to the shore CEE LINK™ base station. The telemetry link is two-way and acts just like an Ethernet LAN cable connection. The network connection allows the operator to remotely adjust echo sounder parameters or communicate with any ancillary equipment connected to the CEESCOPE-USV™ Ethernet data input port.  The radio module may be turned off when the echo sounder is directly connected to an acquisition computer, saving battery life when in use as a conventional echo sounder.

Interference-free operation – The data telemetry link will not interfere with standard 2.4 GHz FHSS remote-control boat systems.

Auto-link operation – The CEESCOPE-USV™ and CEE LINK™ shore module automatically connect whenever powered-up and in range.

Long range – 1km range using antennae suitable for small USVs.

Network architecture – Other network-enabled devices such as an Ethernet camera may be connected to the CEESCOPE-USV™.

Antenna flexibility – Use low-gain antennae for short range surveys and directional panel antennae for optimum performance at long range.

High bandwidth – Offers substantial additional data telemetry capacity if needed, subject to appropriate antenna selection.

Download the CEE-LINK™ shore radio module data sheet.

External GNSS – All CEESCOPE-USV™ systems can take in external GNSS from a third party receiver. Using an external GNSS could not be easier; simply connect the Bluetooth data output to the CEESCOPE-USV™ and transmit wireless NMEA0183 messages for incorporation into the survey data. Alternatively, a serial cable connection may be used.

Hemisphere Crescent Marine Beacon – Single frequency L1 GPS receiver for cost effective one-box surveying where differential corrections may be supplied by free SBAS systems such as WAAS or EGNOS. May also be used with MSK marine beacon corrections for a differential (DGPS) solution.

NovAtel OEMStar – Single frequency L1 GNSS receiver with GLONASS satellite tracking offering a more robust solution where there may be partial obstruction of the sky, such as under tree canopy.

NovAtel 628 – Multi frequency L1/L2/L5 GNSS receiver with L-Band corrections for up to 10 cm accuracy with a subscription corrections service. The L-band option is typically selected where free SBAS or beacon corrections are unavailable and it is not practical or necessary to set up a local RTK base station.

NovAtel 628 RTK – Multi frequency L1/L2/L5 GNSS receiver with RTK, allowing the CEESCOPE™ to connect to a local RTK base station and receive real time kinematic differential corrections for cm-level precision. Typically selected when water surface elevation (tide) is being measured using the satellite positioning system and not traditional (eg tide gauge) methods.

Trimble BD970 RTK – Multi frequency L1/L2/L5 GNSS receiver with RTK. For use when Trimble base station equipment is present. Will communicate with Trimble (or other manufacturer) base station broadcasting all formats of corrections including CMRx.

Satel Radio – Built-in UHF radio system and external antenna. Connect to a local base station broadcasting on UHF 450-470 MHz avoiding the need to connect any external radio modem on the survey boat or USV.

The CEESCOPE-USV™ RTK offers centimeter precision in horizontal and vertical measurements for surveys needing precise water surface elevation (tide) information, such as river surveys, harbor, coastal or estuarine surveys. Maintaining the unique simplicity in design and operation, the RTK option introduces no additional components to the USV. The UHF radio to receive RTK corrections is installed inside the CEESCOPE-USV™, with only a UHF radio antenna connection requiring the appropriate antenna installed in the vessel hull. The CEESCOPE-USV™ RTK offers the system complexity needed to gather precise measurements without introducing additional complexity for the operator.

The CEESCOPE-USV™ RTK internal radio will directly connect to 400 – 470 MHz radio modems commonly used as RTK base station broadcast radios. Several data protocol choices in the CEESCOPE-USV™ allow flexibility to work with different GNSS and radio manufacturers.


SHORE SIDE and USV: Low to Medium Gain Mesh / Mast Antennae (Omnidirectional)

For general surveying an omnidirectional antenna will provide flexibility in placement and a moderate gain, typically when the USV is within visual range. The antenna mounts to the CEE-LINK™ with an N-type direct connection or with a 90 degree adapter.

An omnidirectional antenna is required on the USV, with typical gain from 6dbi to 12dbi increasing with antenna length. Using a standard N-type connection allows flexibility in antenna selection and placement either screwed directly onto the echo sounder or with suitable coaxial cable extension to the USV exterior.

SHORE SIDE: High Gain Panel Antenna (Directional)

For surveying at long range or when line of sight conditions are sub-optimum, a high gain panel antenna will provide maximum range and data transmission integrity. The panel antenna will retain communication with the USV even when out of visual range and will support high data rate devices such as video cameras.

For a USV application, the appropriate transducer should be selected depending on the remote survey vehicle size and installation constraints. CEE HydroSystems can advise on transducer selection and provide custom mounting and installation parts if necessary. Commonly used USV transducers are:

Airmar SS510: General purpose small 200 kHz transducer with 9 degree beam angle.

Airmar M195: Compact survey grade dual frequency (33 / 200 kHz) transducer, with small size and low weight very beneficial for USV deployment. Will fit inside typical USV “moon pool” designed for <9″ diameter instruments, although the 33 kHz beam angle is relatively wide at 26 degrees. The 200 kHz has a standard 8 degree beam.

Moon pool transducer mounts are available for USVs using an internal moon pool instrument mount arrangement. Standard designs for the 200 kHz and 33/200 kHz transducers are available, and customized mounting equipment may be supplied if required. Alternatively, we can supply echo sounders with no transducer and pigtail transducer cables for use with existing transducers.

The CEESCOPE-USV™ has a small internal rechargeable NiMH battery pack that allows it to operate independently of vehicle power. However, the internal battery function is mostly to facilitate safe shutdown procedures so run time is limited to 1.5 hrs which may be too short for many USV surveys. A separate 9-24V battery pack may be used to power the CEESCOPE-USV™, or power may be supplied by the vehicle. CEE HydroSystems can supply waterproof external power packs for clean power supply.

CEE HydroSystems has several years experience using USVs for shallow water hydrographic surveys in Australia, Europe and the USA. We have worked with radio-controlled, manually navigated and autonomous (waypoint / line-following USV systems). We can offer insight into the key factors that determine a successful remotely-operated survey boat program for different types of environment, and also provide help for those planning to build a custom USV.

If you are building a USV, please let us know; we can help with your data and telemetry challenges – leaving you more time to focus on the vehicle.

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